sandwich bag filter

Sandwich-type bag filter…

Sandwich-type bag filter as a double structure, the mezzanine can pass steam or thermal oil, to maintain or increase the temperature of the fluid to prevent fluid freezing, viscous liquids filtering to improve the speed, or the next process to meet the temperature requirements.

Specification of sandwich filter

型号Type 过滤面积Filter  area  () 最大流量(m³/h)Max.  flow rate 工作压力 (MpaWorking pressure 进出口 连接方式Inlet and  outlet  connection  style
DL-1P1J 0.25 20 0.5 Ф50
DL-1P2J 0.5 45 0.5 Ф50
DL-1P4J 0.1 10 0.5 Ф50

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