The Filter Press Application in Industrial Waste Solid

The Filter Press Applica…

The Filter Press Application in Industrial Waste Solid

1.Non-Ferrous Smelting:

The XY type filter press could make the waste solid reduce the moisture content.Such as the concentrate which hold the tempreture is 80-90℃, acidity≤5%H2SO4, the slurry liquid and solid ratio is 4-6:1, the slurry weight ratio is 1.6-1.8,the water content after the filtration is 10-12%.

2.High Leaching Residue Dehydration:

The processing will have 3 phase, from different swim solid phase, it could make the filtration process, After the filtration with filter press, the slurry weight ratio will be 1.6-1.7, temperature will be 65℃, the water content will be 21-22%,the zinc content is 8.525-9%,the zinc solid content will be 4.793%.

3.Iron Sludge Dehydration:

In common, some factorys use the water swim in the sludge for clean. After filter press pressure process, the weight ratio will be 1.65, pressuring temperature will be 75℃,the water content after filtration will be the 21.5%.Zinc soild content will be 20%,water zinc content will be 5.45%,iron solid will be 28.7%.The filtration time will be the 26-30 min.

4.Lead and Silver Dehydration:

In the filtration process, the raw material will hold the high rate acid and high temperature. In the liquid, there are 80-100 g/L. The filtration temperature is 60-90℃,the final water content will be 22.85%,the zinc content will be 8-10%

5.Arenic in Iron Slag Dewatering:

After filtration, the silicon content will be 8-10%, filtration temperature is 65-75℃, zinc liquid content will be 120 g/L, solid weight ratio will be 1:8. The final water content will be 32%, zinc solid content will be 16%.


It could showed clear that from above appliction parameters,filter press could help different industry solve the problem. In the future, filter press will be play an important role in the machine field.

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