PGZ scarper bottom discharge centrifuge

Structures and propertie…

Structures and properties,

Model PGZ centrifuge is the filter equipment with scraper bottom discharge and intermittent operation, The material is fed into the drum from the top; under the action of the centrifugal force field, liquid-phase passed through the filter medium and the discharged out of the machine, while the solid-phase material is retained inside the drum and after the speed of the drum is reduced, it will be scraped off by the scraper and discharged out of the machine from the bottom. The centrifuge has such features as smooth running easy & convenient operation, etc.

For model PGZ centrifuge, procedures can be preset in accordance with the requirement for work processes as automatic feeding, separating, washing, dehydrating, discharging, etc. The machine can be operated at either a close or a long distance, it has such features as high level of automation, large handling capacity, good separating result, etc.

Model PGZ centrifuge has got rid of traditional suspending type of leg-support, instead, it adopts flat-plate counterweight and high-viscosity damping agent vibration isolator for absorbing the vibration and the installation requires no foundation.

Order notice

  • 1. Material:The parts contacting the processing material can be made of stainless steel, carbon steel, lined with rubber, lined with plastic, titanium alloy, etc.
  • 2. Mode of drive: Driven by ordinary motor or anti-explosion motor with clutch, by electromagnetic speed control motor, by ordinary motor or anti-explosion motor with frequency converter, etc.
  • 3. Mode of braking: Mechanical braking or electric braking.
  • 4. Type of cover-opening: Hydraulic, pneumatic, electric or mechanical balancer, etc.
  • 5. Machine base: PGZ series without foundation.
  • 6. Electric control mode: Semi-automatic, fully automatic or PLC programmable control.
  • 7. It can be designed and manufactured as per GMP specifications.
  • Main technical parameters




    Rotating  drum


    Separation  factor

    电机功率 (kw)

    Motor power

    开盖极 限高度(mm)

    Limit height  of opening  the cover

    重量 (kg

    Total  weight

    外形尺寸 (mm)


    直径< span style="font-family: Arial;">(mm)


    工作容积 (L)


    装料限重 (kg)


    最高转速 (r/min)

    High speed

    PGZ/PG800 800 100 140 1500 1008 11 2000 3000 1800×1200 ×1670
    PGZ/PG1000 1000 150 200 1200 806 15 2250 4000 2050×1500 ×2000
    PGZ/PG1250 1250 280 400 900 567 18.5 2700 5000 2350×1650 ×2450
    PGZ/PG1250-NA 1250 400 540 1000 700 22 3000 5500 2400×1700 ×2920
    PGZ/PG1600 1600 900 1200 850 647 45 3500 8500 3000×2200 ×3300


    It is applicable to the separation of the suspension containing solid-phase granules with the diameter greater than 0.01mm. It has found wide application in such trades as chemical, pharmacy, food, light industry, etc. For example: Gypsum, thiamine, mirabilite, ferric sulfate, cooper sulfate, nickel sulfate, potassium chloride, acetic acid, borax, soda, rubber additives, dye, plastic raw material, soap, grease, all kinds of resins, food salt, sodium glutamate, food additives, starch sugar-making, vitamins, antibiotics, herbicides, insecticide, the dehydration of such mineral fines as cooper, zinc, aluminum, etc.

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